The Pride Center of the Capital Region
 SEFA number 50-00068

The Pride Center, who’s SEFA number is 50-00068, receives quarterly donations from state employees in various agencies. Through SEFA, the State Employees Federated Appeal, employees can designate gifts to the Pride Center and other great organizations to be deducted from their paycheck without any hassle. This ongoing and vital support goes directly to the programs of the Pride Center, including Center Youth and Center Support. Gifts given via SEFA are 100% tax-deductible and if given via your paycheck, will be reflected on your paystub. With difficult economic times for everyone, small steps like workplace giving via SEFA are an excellent way to ensure the programs and services of the Pride Center continue to grow and meet the needs of the LGBT Community in the Capital Region.

If you would like more information on how to sign up, please call the Pride Center at (518) 462-6138 or SEFA directly at (518) 514-2381.

If you are not a state employee, inquire at your workplace about donating to local charities, many organizations have programs and often will match your gift!